This is a test post!

This is text of a test post and helpful tips/hints/suggestions.

Use a standard format, public visibility, category (for post type), tags (for more specific keywords). Let the site generate a slug (after you’ve typed a title), and do NOT use “current location.”

To use a tag, type your keyword, and THEN type a comma. Tags can be multiple words.

If you have another WordPress, make sure you are posting to the correct page! (Look at the site in the upper-left hand corner of the page).

Thanks for reading more! The above is called an “Intro”: choose the first paragraph of the post and an image to be a part of your “Intro”. Then directly underneath it, hit the “Insert Read More tag” button. It  looks like a road symbol: 3 horizontal lines & the one in the middle is dashed. Hover over it and it says “Insert Read More tag”. In your editor, it inserts a horizontal dashed line in lighter text and says “MORE” in the center. On the blog’s main page, a link “Continue reading” will appear underneath this small piece of text for further reading!

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